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Adobe Lightroom Piratebay [Updated]




freevar: True, but you can just as easily make a temporary folder to put the files there it says: This means that the folder "2014-03-12-2013031458-UTC" is not accessible. theadmin, on the ROLES folder where I store the location of the local files it says: theadmin, freevar: Try with a real space *real name freevar: Which account do you have the files on? freevar: as the root user? theadmin, yes freevar: Oh. Who is that? freevar: seems it wants you to log into the home you are using freevar: And the home folder you are trying to access is owned by whom? freevar: this is what im getting at. theadmin, I have sudo access on this account, my username Dr_Willis, I am the owner freevar: Okay, try accessing it as "root" then freevar: as the roo user? ;) log into the user you want to use and ls -l the file Dr_Willis, I guess that is what I am doing, my username is associated with the sudo account freevar: Then use sudo. Dr_Willis, I am logged into my desktop with my username, trying to get to the ROLES folder to view the files, I am trying to get into the /home/freevar/roles/2014/ folder freevar: try'su' at the console. see if that works Dr_Willis, working fine! thank you freevar: yes. su is the proper way to get to root freevar: Don't use su, use sudo, it's more secure theadmin, I will, but I get



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Adobe Lightroom Piratebay [Updated]
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